What You Need to Know about Funeral Flowers


Attending a funeral is no easy task for the attendee or the host. It can be both emotionally and physically tolling on a person. Feeling the need to comfort in this time of need is common, but not knowing how to express your condolence is where we come in. Everything you need to know about funeral flowers starts here.

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers: What is the difference?

What you need to know about funeral flowers and sympathy flowers is simple. Know the difference between the two. The difference between sympathy and funeral flowers is quite simple. Sympathy flowers are often delivered to the home while funeral flowers are presented at the service or graveside.

Sympathy flowers often range in condensed styles. Sympathy flowers are designed to fit any home as a reminder of comfort and consideration. Funeral flowers can range in sizes. There are casket sprays, standing sprays and other more simplistic designs to lay on the grave. The funeral flowers you choose can vary among locations and whether it is for a cremation or standard service.

Regardless of the style or meaning behind the gesture, there are popular preferences among both sympathy and funeral flowers. While colored sympathy flowers are available, white sympathy flowers are the most popular choice. White flowers are a symbol of innocence and purity, making them an ideal sympathy choice.

In fact, the white lily of the valley flower is most common for sympathy and funeral arrangements. This is due to their symbolic representation of the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed person. This flower makes for both a beautiful and sentimental design for either sympathy or funeral designs.

Why Should I Send Them?

There are certain traditions in life that are practiced by people of all kinds. It often branches the gap between a variety of characteristics that often define us. Flowers are often a key building block, specifically when it comes to sympathy flowers or flowers for funeral services.

Flowers are used during times of grief as a reminder of life and to show condolence for the people who are grieving. Funerals are for the living and the dead. They are a time for remembrance and grief. They are our way of saying goodbye or see you later to the deceased.

Giving or sending flowers as a form of condolence dates back centuries. With every flower, there is a unique meaning. Flowers speak a language of their own, and they share their life and meaning with us.

Among all things, flowers should be sent as a form of sympathy or to a funeral because you want to. It shows the recipient that they and the deceased matter to you.

What Flowers Do I Send?

When sending sympathy and funeral flowers, personality, relationship and preference come into play. In order to send something appropriate, consider sending flowers that would be personal to the deceased. If they loved sunflowers, a sunflower funeral or sympathy arrangement might be the ideal choice.

Personalizing a funeral or sympathy design can really help show your support to the family. Be sure to talk with the family about what they need. The type of flowers used at a funeral vary. Some are sent to show condolence. Others are used to help brighten a somber day in the family or friends’ lives. There are instances where a family will still need a casket spray. In this instance, you may want to consider contributing.

To avoid confusion, talk with your local florists about what your options are and what is appropriate for your specific circumstance. Often, everyone sending flowers to a funeral is using the same few florists, so they’ll know more details then you may realize. Some of the most common funeral flowers include wreaths, floral arrangements, sprays, casket sprays and inside floral pieces.

Often, choosing the right flowers boils down to someone’s favorite or the overall message that you want to send. Every flower offers a different message. It varies upon the color and the flower itself. For example, daffodils offer regard while lilies offer peace. The message you are looking to send should be conveyed in the flowers you choose. You always want to be appropriate.

What is Appropriate?

What is appropriate when it comes to funeral etiquette? Wreaths, flower arrangements and standing sprays are appropriate for funeral flowers, but when it comes to sympathy flowers, a personalized arrangement that is designed for a table is more appropriate.

It is also important to keep religious beliefs and other personal characteristics in mind. Some people send flowers to Islamic funerals and some don’t, and flowers are not a traditional part of a Hindu funeral. It is specifically important to be knowledgeable about Buddhist funerals because white and yellow flowers are acceptable, but red flowers are not.

Doing some research and talking to your local florist will help keep whatever you choose to send appropriate. Be sure to go over your options. If you have a budget that you are looking to stick to and have no preference for design. A designer’s choice styled flower arrangement may be what works best for you.

How to Send Them

Ordering and sending flowers are simple tasks. The same goes for ordering and sending sympathy and funeral flowers. In just a few steps, you can send your condolence the same day, bridging any distance.

Put some thought into prepping the details. If you prefer personalization, talk with your trusted local florist about your options. Consider the flowers that are in season. They will be more vibrant and give a fresher look. Pairing in-season flowers with other personalized touches offer a more beautiful and sentimental option.

After you get done ordering funeral flowers, it is important to have your specifics narrowed down for sending them. Know who the design will be going to. Know whether the design is going to the funeral home or the recipients' home. Know the flower recipient’s phone number, the price point you are looking to spend and any specific delivery details. This will make sending funeral flowers that much easier.

Be sure to order from your reputable local florist. Our team at Conroy's Flowers Fresno in Madera, CA, would be happy to help with any further questions for design and delivery options. Just place the order. Our same-day delivery ensures everything will be there when it is needed most.

Sending funeral or sympathy flowers is not done to replace a one-on-one conversation or the gesture of doing something to help when it is needed most. It is done to remind the recipient that you care. It is sent as a reminder of your love for them even when you can’t be there in person. It is used to show that you are thinking of them.

Life gets busy, and sometimes you can’t make a viewing or funeral service. That is ok but remember to always reach out and show you care. People are not always open to conversation after a loss. It is a grieving process. However, funeral and sympathy flowers are a beautiful gesture and a kind reminder of how much you care. Let them know you are there with them regardless if you can be there physically or not.

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