How to Design Your Easter Flower Arrangements

Easter is a wonderful time of year celebrated by many to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, three days after his crucifixion by the Romans at Cavalry c. To celebrate this, people often choose to send gifts to one and other, from flower arrangements to chocolate and other Easter-related gifts. Even those that don’t practice Christianity celebrate Easter, as the word is derived from an old German word meaning ‘east’, which comes from an even older Latin word that translates to dawn. Easter is always celebrated in the springtime, which makes Easter flowers very unique and fresh.


If you’re looking for ideas for Easter this year, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for the best spring flowers to make an Easter bouquet, or you’re stuck for ideas for Easter gifts, we’ve got some fantastic tips on how to design your Easter flower arrangements.

Lily and Tulip Display

Lilies and tulips often pair well together because of the contrast in colors. Traditionally, the white lily is used at Easter time, and this creates the perfect canvas for beautiful bright tulips. Any color of tulips will work beautifully, but we recommend using springtime colors such as peach, yellow and pink for your Easter bouquet. Pair this arrangement with a clear or white rustic vase, and you’ll have an Easter flower arrangement to admire for days. If you’re gifting a lily and tulip display to a loved one, consider using tulips that are their favorite color for a personalized touch.

Yellow and White Daffodils

Daffodils signify the springtime, and are perfect for Easter as they usually bloom between March and April. There are many variations of daffodils, but we recommend using a hefty amount of yellow and white daffodils arranged in a large white vase for a beautiful pop of color to your kitchen window this spring. If this is a gift for a loved one, prearrange the daffodils to alternate color before you wrap the bouquet so the recipient can simply unwrap, pop into a vase and enjoy.

Daisy and Carrot Design

Whilst carrots aren’t a flower, they are a traditional Easter staple and can be used to make any Easter floral arrangement that little bit more special. Use some florist’s foam to hang the carrots in a clear bouquet vase, and arrange dazzling white daisies on top to create a stunning floral arrangement for your Easter flowers. Why not tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase following the color scheme for added pa-zazz? For gifting this arrangement, be sure to buy a flower bag big enough to fit the vase in!

Baby’s Breath Basket

Baby’s breath is another very traditional flower used at Easter, and is wonderful for floral arrangements around this time. A very delicate and pure flower roughly arranged amongst some speckled eggs in an open basket makes for a very simple yet effective Easter flower arrangement. It’s also an amazing way of getting some fresh greenery into your home, making the air clearer and the view absolutely beautiful. Baby’s breath is extremely thin stemmed, so you’ll need a generous handful if you’re gifting it to a loved one in a bouquet or bud vase this year. Handy tip, rather than wrapping your bouquet, tie a decorative ribbon around the stems as a great alternative to give your Easter floral arrangements.

Pastel Roses and Tulips

While roses aren’t necessarily a traditional Easter flower, they do make wonderful flowers to pair with tulips for Easter flowers, whether you’re gifting them or keeping to yourself. This is because the soft, pastel coloring of roses pairs beautifully with the soft pinks and yellows that tulips can produce. Because both have very rounded petals and are a similar shape when closed at night time, roses and tulips pair extremely well and create a wonderful scent that will fill your rooms with a fresh but floral scent. Why not fill the vase with pastel jelly beans (as well as water, of course) for a pastel color explosion? Roses look wonderful in a cylinder vase which shows off the beautiful flower from stem to petal.

There we have it, how to decorate an Easter flower bouquet. As you can see, there are some wonderful ideas when it comes to your Easter flower arrangements, and these are to just name a few! The great thing is, you can’t really get flower arrangements wrong! Think about color pairings when choosing Easter flowers and which vases would complement your choice nicely. Don’t forget to add Easter-themed decorations for a truly unique flower arrangement.

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