Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you want to show your mother how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her presence in your life, you should start planning what you’re going to get her for Mother’s Day now! Leaving your planning until the last minute could mean buying a low-quality gift. Here, we have plenty of ideas that are sure to put a big smile on your Mother’s face and make her feel loved all day long. Take a look and be inspired!


Types of Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Mother's Day flowers are one of the most popular gift ideas — and with good reason. Mother’s Day flowers are a truly stunning gift that could make your mother smile for weeks on end, beautifying the home and reminding her how much you love her. But what are the best flower arrangements to purchase for this occasion?

  • Gerbera Daisies — Gerbera daisies are big and beautiful, and the right arrangement can bring so much color to a home. This is a cheery flower that looks amazing paired with just about any other Mother's Day gift.
  • Roses — Roses may not be a traditional Mother's Day gift, but they are becoming more popular. Once associated with Valentine’s Day, they are still a brilliant gift to give to your mother — or even your wife on Mother’s Day. You can purchase a bouquet of gorgeous roses in beautiful shades of pink, purple, and orange to bring some color and joy into your special lady’s life. Contrasting colors can help you to give your bouquet some oomph!
  • Peonies — Peonies are stunning in any color, especially pink to symbolize your mother’s love. Alternatively, a mixed bouquet will look extra special and is always mesmerizing to look at! Around 8 peonies are usually enough, and look amazing displayed in a mason jar. Perfect for a rustic themed household.
  • Carnations — Carnations are the traditional Mother's Day flower, and are still popular to this day. Shades of pink are most popular, as this is the shade said to symbolize a mother’s undying love. You can purchase both baby pink and deep pink depending on your mother’s preferences. White carnations can also make a perfect gift, but if you want to bring a bit of color into thier life, you could try yellow, orange, or both!
  • Sunflowers — Orange and yellow sunflowers are possibly the brightest and happiest flowers out there! They are big, bold, and perfect for your happy-go-lucky mother, wife, auntie, or any other special lady in your life for Mother's Day. Most people have happy memories of sunflowers, and they are always great flowers for creating new, happy memories.
  • Tulips — Bright tulips can make a radiant arrangement, making the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. A 15 or 30 stem bouquet is often plenty and can make a gorgeous centerpiece, but won’t look out of place on a bedside table either.

    House Plants

    Instead of a flower arrangement, you could always go for something long lasting, like a houseplant. You could buy something that is low maintenance like a snake plant or peace lily, for those who won’t want to have to spend a lot of time keeping a plant alive. Alternatively, orchids are beautiful and wonderful for Mother's Day, as they bring a touch of something special to any home and really makes a statement.

    Mother's Day Gifts

    Looking for something nice to go alongside your stunning flower arrangement? You can’t go wrong with a gourmet chocolates. Buy something slightly out of the ordinary and your special lady will love you for it. Alternatively, a special stuffed animal could be a precious gift from a baby or young child for Mother's Day, pairing well with an equally adorable flower bouquet.

    Mother's Day gift ideas aren't always clear cut, as it entirely depends on the kind of person your special lady is. Perhaps she loves self-care, or maybe she prefers more sentimental gifts. Would she like something she could make use of, like a face cream, or prefer something to snuggle up in, like a cozy blanket? You can definitely think outside of the box here — there’s no need to go for a traditional Mother's Day gift if you know your lady is quirky and unique! If you want to give your mother something extra special on Mother's Day, consider something like a special gift basket. The more thought you put into your gift, the better!

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