Summer Wedding Floral Trends


What a year 2020 has been. There have been so many couples with hearts broken due to canceled or delayed wedding celebrations. So many people have been impacted, this one just hits a little closer to home.

What couple would ever think they would have to pause, halt, re-plan or cancel their wedding due to a pandemic?

Our hearts go out to you, whether you are newly engaged or re-planning for the second time. Any couple in any predicament, we are here to help you plan your summer weddings with these commonly chosen summer wedding trends.

For the Couple Saying, “I Do” Without Their Crew

COVID-19 may have stopped the party, but you two aren’t about to let a pandemic rain on your wedding day. As much as you would give to have all your friends and family there with you for your “I Do,” there is no way you can live any longer without jumping the broom and spending the rest of your days with your life partner.

You aren’t getting married because you wanted to throw the biggest and most beautiful party. Although disappointed, what matters to you is that the day you planned on committing your lives to each other is a day that sticks, even if that means sacrificing a few things.

You may have had to cancel a lot of things, but your flowers don’t have to be one of them. Talk with your local florist about the flowers you’ll need for your small ceremony. We understand the circumstances you are dealing with, but florists everywhere are working to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

It is important to remember florals are in short supply, so you may have embraced the more popular floral trends for summertime, even if that wasn’t your first choice. Some of those in-season blooms include asters, calla lilies, cymbidium orchid, dahlias, daisies, delphinium, freesia, geraniums, hydrangeas, iris, roses, chrysanthemums, stock and sunflowers.

Check with your local florist about what they have available for this time and talk with them about the summer floral trends you are most interested in.

For the Couple Who Chooses a Summer Affair

Maybe you are newly engaged in this crazy time but are looking to start planning your summer wedding for next year, you have options. With all the 2020 weddings put into question for so many couples, it is understandable to feel hesitant.

However, with every good thing, there is a level of uncertainty involved. Life is full of it, but we can’t let that dictate how we live our lives. Are you are planning your summer wedding during a pandemic? Yes. Is it scary? Yes, but that shouldn’t stop you. You may not know what summer a year from now will look like, but none of us do. Life is about taking chances, especially when it comes to the people we love.

Weddings in 2021 are all about going big. Perhaps, because we have been told to go home in 2020. Big, statement florals are in the forecast for summer weddings in 2021. Additionally, bold colors and various textures and shapes are all the rage. Next year’s weddings call for fragrant blooms and embracing unique designs to fulfill a more personal touch.

For That Couple Looking for a Redo

If your wedding plans for 2020 were pushed back, canceled or fell through altogether, you can still commemorate your big day in a beautiful way. There are so many virtual options in today’s day and age.

If your wedding day is still a go this summer, but social distancing is still in place, consider a virtual ceremony for the friends and family who aren’t allowed to physically be there. Restrictions are limiting the number of people that can gather, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely exclude all the people on your original guestlist from being a part of your big day.

If you are planning or re-planning your summer wedding, there are additional virtual options. Many vendors had to close shop the past few months, most of them, in fact. However, through these recent adjustments, many have changed up their tactics to accommodate. This includes virtual consultations.

Our florists at Conroy's Flowers Fresno serving Madera, CA, are here to help answer your questions regarding planning or re-planning your summer wedding. Your local florist is also impacted by this. Making your wedding perfect is a major priority for us.

Be sure to be in communication with your wedding florist if you had to delay your big day or if you are re-planning it all together. Look at your options and decide what isn’t a major priority for you and what is a must. Keep in mind that supply and demand are up in the air, so what you want may or may not be available at the time. That is why communicating now will help you stay on track with summer floral trends for your big day.

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