Flowers by Personality Type


Appreciated for their ephemeral beauty and their meaning, flowers were historically used to communicate in times where people felt that strong declarations of emotions were inappropriate. Even today, flowers can be sent to tell someone you love him or her, as a simple gesture of kindness, as a thank you or even as a way to communicate condolences.

Our tastes and the things we find beautiful or interesting can give insight into who we are as people. Individual traits and characteristics that make us unique are often how we are remembered.

We are inexplicably drawn to certain things without knowing why. The things we admire are often a reflection of something we see in ourselves. Naturally, this extends to flowers. Analyzing the traits and characteristics of different flowers and the people certain flowers attract, we have compiled an impressive list of flower personality types. What type of flower are you?


Classic and versatile, roses communicate many different things and express a myriad of emotions. The emotions expressed rely heavily on the color of the rose that is chosen. Roses know how to stand out yet still appear timeless.

Rose people have a quiet and traditional exterior, but inside, they are passionate, romantic and deep. In touch with their own emotions, rose people can sometimes seem standoffish or prickly, but their thorns are there to help shield them. Roses have delicate petals, and rose people have thin skin that bruises easily.

Despite the tough façade, rose people are extremely caring. They will champion for friends and family and seek to always see the best in people.

If you desire perfection, take comfort in tradition, enjoy spending time with family and have a style that is sleek and put together, you might be a rose.


Sophisticated, refined and mysterious, orchids require their needs to be met, or they will not share their beauty. An orchid in the wrong environment will not bloom. However, these temperamental flowers have blooms that last a long time when they receive the proper care.

So unparalleled was the beauty of these exotic flowers, the pursuit of rare orchids led to a form of madness that was named orchidelirium.

Orchid people love luxury. They have a worldly, knowledgeable and dynamic personality that charms other people. Orchid people care about their appearance, and although other people clamor for their attention, orchid people have a very small circle of close friends and can seem distant to all others.

For orchids, style is personal and very detailed. Relationships are more about quality than quantity. They know when people are whispering and speculating about them, and they love cultivating that aura of mystery. If you like to appear sophisticated and mysterious, you might be an orchid.


They signal the arrival of spring and can bloom on cold or sunny days. Tulips are bright, fun and cheerful flowers that can put anyone in a better mood.

Tulip people are the life of the party. These sensitive and intuitive people are incredibly positive, lighthearted and caring. Tulip people are well-liked and radiant enough to bring people together.

Tulip people love new experiences and are excited about life. That excitement is contagious, so they have a lot of close friends and make excellent teachers. Their style changes according to mood. Tulip people always collect photos and mementos from their travels, parties, family and friends because they cherish the fun memories.

If any of this sounds like you, you just might be a tulip.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are flowers with a sleek and graceful appearance. They are resilient, easy to grow and don’t require much assistance. These sleek flowers have graceful lines and can be grown outdoors or indoors by a sunny window.

Calla lily people are minimalists with quiet strength. They are hardworking with a dignified style and are proud of their accomplishments.

These people are often brilliant in a way that makes them rare, yet they are subdued and not in the habit of arguing. Calla lily people are diplomatic and have a calming presence. They like solving puzzles and strive to make the world a better place.

If you are a laidback intellectual, you might be a calla lily.


Lush, fluffy and fragrant, peonies are long-lived flowers that only bloom for a short time. A peony can survive severe cold. If they are well-placed, peonies can thrive for 100 years or more, even when they are forgotten.

Peony people are sweet and appreciate small gestures. They are empathetic and dress in a very classy, timeless way with accessories from decades long past. They believe in true love and fairytales and are exceptional listeners.

The people who favor these flowers may be easily embarrassed and get red in the face over something minor because they are so sensitive. They enjoy nostalgia and may collect antiques and hold onto mementos.

If you love fairytales, antiques and good conversations, you might be a peony.


Sunflowers are bold, bright flowers that exude cheer. These flowers turn to follow the movement of the sun across the sky.

The same way a sunflower has an open, warm appearance, sunflower people are energetic, bubbly and happy-go-lucky. No matter how difficult life becomes, sunflower people bring people together and instill optimism in everyone they meet.

Sunflower people favor comfort over style. They like soft things and have homes full of worn furniture and books instead of more trendy or conventional décor, but these houses are where people automatically feel at home. Sunflower people love children and animals and may collect natural things like shells and pebbles.

It doesn’t take much for sunflower people to feel happy because they find satisfaction in life’s simplest gifts. If you are an eternal optimist, you might be a sunflower.


Gardenias have a sweet fragrance, but these ornamental shrubs are delicate and somewhat finicky. However, their intoxicating scent, creamy white blooms and dark green leaves make them worth the trouble.

Gardenia people are very similar to the flowers that attract them. These individuals prefer the finer things in life. They love to travel to exotic locations and indulge in food, experiences and culture. If they peruse a menu, chances are they may order multiple items and will spare no expense.

These people are driven by emotion and love being loved. Like the flowers they love, these people can be difficult to please. If there is discord, buying a gift like a designer handbag is a good start to getting back to a good rapport. These people are worth the trouble because they are sensitive and caring once you capture their attention.

A gardenia person lives life to the fullest. If your bags are always packed, and you are ready for adventure, you just might be a gardenia.


Daffodils are very easy to grow and can regenerate each year. They are one of the first flowers to pop up and signal spring. When these flowers are meant as a gift, they should be presented in a bouquet of many blooms. A single daffodil is unlucky.

People who appreciate these cheerful flowers are similarly social. These people put the needs of family and friends before their own and love to have get-togethers.

These people are fun and artistic. Daffodil people are usually able to balance their love of hard work, creative endeavors and family-life easily. Their homes often reflect their artistic nature. They may even paint murals on their walls and decorate their clothing to fully express their bright, child-like nature.

If you are free-spirited and family-oriented, you might be a daffodil.


If daffodils are the charming, easy-going artists of the floral world, poppies are like Van Gogh or some other more extreme versions of the artists many of us know by name.

Poppies are widely cultivated for their colorful, showy flowers. One species of poppy is where narcotic, medicinal opium is sourced. Poppy products are used in medicine, cooking oil, salad dressing oil, paints, varnishes and even cosmetics.

Poppy people are vibrant and creative. They yearn to be the center of attention, and this desire influences how they dress and behave. They love performing, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Their style is as bold as their attitude, and they may seek wealth and admiration. Poppy people are trendsetters and always long to inspire others to follow their lead.

If you feel at home with a paintbrush and always long for the latest fashions, you might be a poppy.


If you are the type to get lost in a book or a daydream, you may find yourself drawn to irises. Easy to grow and available in almost every color, this beautiful flower’s history dates back to ancient Greece where they were planted on graves. The Greeks believed irises could guide loved ones to the afterlife.

Iris people are dreamers and optimists with an unbound imagination. They can be misunderstood or seem distracted or inaccessible, but these people are true to their word and are loyal friends.

Iris people often dress in imaginative patterns with clean lines. They are mystical people who enjoy meditation, deep contemplation and quiet reflection. They are the seekers who wish to know what is going on in the world. Iris people desire truth above all else.

If you value truth and live part of your life in a rich dreamscape, you might be an iris.

Flowers inspire emotion in us. We appreciate their beauty and the mystery or warmth they can communicate. Did you see some of your personality characteristics in some of these flower descriptions?

If you would like to figure out what flower bests expresses who you are or which flower closely coincides with the personality or interests of someone you love, let our florists at Conroy's Flowers Fresno in Clovis, CA, put together a bouquet that will mean something personal to you or someone you love.

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